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Johnson County Safe Haven
Johnson County Safe Haven
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Johnson County Safe Haven seeks to assist victims of Domestic Violence and their children by providing emergency shelter, counseling, intervention, and access to other relevant community services. We also provide information an education on Domestic Violence to attempt prevention and eradication of this societal problem.

    • Individual and group counseling for those in the shelter and those not in the shelter who need support
    • Assistance in obtaining Orders of Protection, Child Custody & Support, Victim's Compensation assistance, health care, and employment
    • Advocacy Law Enforcement Court Social Services
    • Information and referral to Legal Aid and financial assistance

Domestic Violence May Include:
    • Pattern: domestic violence involves an interrelated pattern that includes a wide variety of abusive behaviors that often increase in frequency and intensity.
    • Abusive behaviors: includes verbal assaults and threats, emotional abuse including intimidation, physical assaults, sexual assaults, the use of weapons, destruction of property and violence toward other significant people.
    • Intended to exert power and control: the pattern of behaviors is not a matter of a result of a time limited crisis, but is an ongoing part of the relationship, designed to maintain power over the partner.
    • Intimate relationship: A relationship between two adults intended to provide emotional and physical intimacy.

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